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Enjoy our playlist ‘Waves from the North’ updated (vol. IX)

Por Andrey Chardonnaie / 01/11/2018
Enjoy our playlist ‘Waves from the North’ updated (vol. IX)

🇪🇸 El siguiente artículo fue escrito originalmente en inglés por nuestro corresponsal canadiense Andrey Chardonnaie , y está disponible su versión en español aquí. Traducción y adaptación por Jose Trives.

🇺🇸 The following post was originally written in English by our Canadian correspondent Andrey Chardonnaie . Version in Spanish available here. Translation and adaptation by Jose Trives.

SAINt JHN – McDonalds Rich

Wild vibes from SAINt JHN as always, but with a message that makes you think how rich is really rich.

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Taken some time between when the edibles kicked in and the strip club idea popped up 😈🖕🏾

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Dom Kennedy – Win or Lose

Dom is that rapper who is low key famous but does his thing and seems inconspicuous while releasing solid albums all the time. His smooth voice and dope beat picks are what makes his music special. This is a smooth Dom joint to play while on a mission or chilling in a cut.

Sean Leon – Iceberg Slim

Toronto’s Sean Leon came around 5 years ago with a cool experimental rap sound, that I personally enjoyed (see ‘Narcissus, the Drowning of Ego’ and ‘Ninelevenne’) and then he kind of disappeared. In recent times he came back on my radar positioning himself as more than just a musician, an artist, with an even a more experimental musical sound which I am still trying to understand. This tune is from his latest tape and its cold just like the title, put in your headphones and walk through Queen Street West in Toronto or Princes Street in Edinburgh.

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Dom Kennedy – No Matter What

Another track from Dom’s recent album called ‘Volume Two’. This song is perfect for hanging with your bae or chilling with the squad, and this track has some good low key flex verses:

I might flex for no reason
Do it for my ones that ain’t breathn
And you can’t hang with us, if you don’t bank with u
Those bitches lame to us, those niggas lame to us
You try so hard to step, might spend a hunin this month

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No matter what.

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Lil Wayne feat Sampha – Let It All Work Out

This is my favourite track from Carter V. It has a positive message, a solid flow from the New Orleans king, and the infectious Sampha harmonies. Don’t worry, it will all work out.

Brent Faiyaz – Trust

Brent had а crazy year and a half, being nominated for a Grammy as part of GoldLink’s ‘Crew’ while still having an aura of an underground up and comer. He brings soul with his own twist that has a smooth sound reminding of greats like Lauryn Hill while he discusses personal and relatable emotions that will be bothering him. On this track he shares thoughts relating to trust and about everyone being in your business.

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Grade-A piece of shit. (@Sonder x gifts) image by @dpatbeats

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