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Enjoy our playlist ‘Waves from the North’ updated (vol. V)

Por Andrey Chardonnaie / 18/07/2018
Enjoy our playlist ‘Waves from the North’ updated (vol. V)

🇪🇸 El siguiente artículo fue escrito originalmente en inglés por nuestro corresponsal canadiense Andrey Chardonnaie, y está disponible su versión en español aquí. Traducción y adaptación por Álvaro Reneses.

🇺🇸 The following post was originally written in English by our Canadian correspondent Andrey Chardonnaie. Version in Spanish available here. Translation and adaptation by Álvaro Reneses.

Andrey aka @chardonnaie , criado en Toronto y actual residente de Escocia, solía ser el presentador y productor de una radio estudiantil. Ahora, siguiendo su pasión, coordina esta playlist en exclusiva para The Medizine, trayendo los últimos sonidos wavy que lo mantienen caliente en El Norte.

Jay Rock – Troopers

The Redemption project from TDE’s original member is a WIN. I like how he is exploring the singy flow and telling a gangster tale like it is something fun.


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070 Shake – I Laugh When I’m With Friends But Sad When I’m Alone

070 Shake is the surprising key revelation from the Kanye produced projects over the last couple months where she was a featured artist on some of the projects. This is the opening track from her new EP and by far the strongest song from the project. This track is filled with raw emotions and the balance of rap and melody is on point as Shake is illustrating the loneliness some can understand. I am still trying to understand her style but I feel this is the beginning of a an artistic journey.

GoldLink feat Miguel – Got Friends

GoldLink is one of the most unique rappers out there whose style works with non conventional beats. He might not sing but still sound sexy just like on this song, and Miguel is the cherry on top. All guys chasing shorties can relate to this track.

Cruz Cafuné ft Sholo Truth – Te Enamoraste de un G

My Spanish friends have been telling me that Cruz has matured and started perfecting his musical craft, I can’t say I know his old stuff but his new tracks are hard. This has been on repeat for over a month now and I feel the seriousness of his confessions to a girl who fell in love with a G!

«Birthdays was the worst days, now we sip champagne when we thirsty»

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Ishdarr – Critical

Don’t sleep on Ishdarr! Still a freshman but been doing his thing for a couple years now. I can’t wait for him to get on the XXL freshman list and just get his credit. This is a complete song that motivates me to take care of ish!

that security guards face doe 😂😂😂 …. tour going up hope y’all readyyyyyy

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Jay Rock – Knock It Off

The chorus is addicting and Jay Rock’s soothing flow is perfect on another banger from The Redemption. This album has been filled with versatile flows, Jay’s streetwise lyricism and superb beats.

G Herbo ft Soutshide – Swervo

Lil Herb aka G Herbo has been one of the dopest Drill scene reps. Herbo can spit and get lyrical while he is not too obnoxious. This is a low key turn up track perfect for swerving on the streets. Gang gang Swervo is the vibe!

Teyana Taylor – Gonna Love Me

With hype around the GOOD Music releases in the past month I assume everyone tuned into all the albums except maybe Teyana Taylor’s, which seemed to have been the least promoted and least hyped. Nevertheless, it is a great album which sheds light on Teyana’s great vocals, and this particular song is very soulful and pretty with Kanye bringing back has signature sample heavy instrumental into the mix.

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