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Enjoy our playlist ‘Waves from the North’ updated (vol. XIII)

Por Andrey Chardonnaie / 19/08/2019
Enjoy our playlist ‘Waves from the North’ updated (vol. XIII)

🇪🇸 El siguiente artículo fue escrito originalmente en inglés por nuestro corresponsal canadiense Andrey Chardonnaie , y está disponible su versión en español aquí. Traducción y adaptación por Jose Trives.

🇺🇸 The following post was originally written in English by our Canadian correspondent Andrey Chardonnaie . Version in Spanish available here. Translation and adaptation by Jose Trives.

It has been a minute since the last drop, but it has been a busy summer with now a ‘Waves from the North’ event in the plans for Autumn. This drop is a bit larger than the usual as every summer there is a lot of good music coming out and new artists dropping tracks that make you pay attention.

I have collected 10 tracks that came out this summer and that stood out to me, some of them have been from incredible albums and major artists like Tyler, but as always my drops are dominated by new or indie artists who may deserve a bit more shine. This playlist has a positive mood as that is what you need to enjoy the last month of summer. Hit up @chardonnaie for any additional comments as always.

Tyler, The Creator – IGOR’s THEME

The intro to this long overdue summer drop is the intro to probably the best album of this year so far, ‘IGOR’ by Tyler, The Creator. There are not many lyrics in this track and it does not sound like much of rap these days, but the beat is incredible with changes and atmospheric ad-libs in the back.

Tyler really went creative on this whole album as he was not just the singer or rapper, but also a producer experimenting and it all pays off. Just like this song it may be simplistic at times but brings about a mood of Igor.

Image result for igor tyler

Col3trane feat GoldLink – Superpowers

I have been on Col3trane since ‘Penelope’ days when he had 2k followers on IG and it is not like he is mainstream yet, but the maturity is evident.

This is the standout from his recent EP ‘Heroine’ and in my opinion one of the best GoldLink raps this year, beats the stuff on his album which was a solid album full of experimentation. Just the marriage of these artists on a track turned out to be impeccable and the mood here is very cool romantic and yet you can still get lit.

Pvrx – Nun New

Toronto never disappoints with creativity. Pvrx is a proper street cat from the Rexdale hood in the 416, but if you heard his music first you wouldn’t imagine it’s this street kid and that’s the beauty of this.

Pvrx’s unique delivery where he is singing most of the time enunciating specific verses with a really high pitched voice just jumps out and it is so addictive, especially on this track. You can feel it’s deep but the vibe is too.

All I really want is respect. Credit is already in check

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Cold Boy Summer 🥶☀️

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Casey Veggies – Awarded

I do flex a bit about how I have been on some artists from their early days and that is why I enjoy doing this playlist, writing and just sharing the ‘waves’.

What is the point of this knowledge being hidden in my head. I have been listening to Casey since the ‘Panties’, still classic and still sounds new so check it out, and he released a new album called ‘Organic’ in a long time with his traditional good mood vibes. Just this track gets me feeling positive from the beat to the real lyrics with an optimistic twist.

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It’s a hundred you’s, it’s just one of me.. 💯🙏🏽

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Polo G – Deep Wounds

Street tales ala YoungBoy NBA, Durk, etc., but Polo G has his own flavour with the ballads about the hard life, deep wounds, gangsta shit and all that. ‘Deep Wounds’ is from his debut ‘Die a Legend’ album that came out at the top of the summer and is full of these sang gangsta ballads.

I like this song because you can feel the pain and the violence in the lyrics, but the song or the beat has a good  mood to it rather than sounding aggressive meaning there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

We ain’t never duckin’ beef. B*tch we not vegan

Jaden – I

Jaden Smith experiments like crazy and in my opinion some stuff is not that good, but on every album or EP like this recent one there is always a couple bangers. Either it is trap or some moody raps with verses going over the head, this one ‘I’ is about going HAM.

MANILA GREY – Silver Skies

I have been a huge fan of this Vancouver duo and this is their latest tune, perfect for the remainder of the summer.

Their production is really good and the mood is cool even though here they are leaning towards a more pop sound; there is such a thing as underground and good pop, too.Image result for manila grey silver skies

Kenny Allstar feat Headie One – Tracksuit Love

This is a banger from the UK. If you are about the cozy boys movement, this is the song. I love a nice pair of sweatpants or in the UK known as trackie bottoms. This is the sweatsuit/tracksuit anthem, look good and still cozy.

YBN Cordae feat Meek Mill – We Gon Make It

I love Meek Mill and he blesses the young YBN Cordae on this track. YBN Cordae is one of those sort of Soundcloud rappers but he can rap, even showed it to J Cole, and got one of the best spitters in the game, Meek, to lay down on this soulful classic rap beat.

YBN’s debut album is dope, not my favourite, but like this song shows the young generation can produce solid lyricists as well.

Image result for ybn cordae meek mill

Israel Wusu – Who’s Gonna Love Me

Now this is one of those really new artists I discovered recently and he is an artist rapping about his life and things a lot of us can relate to, rather than gimmicky trap raps.

He is from Providence and this song is really cool, watch the visuals for it, it has production reminiscent of Sango but the song itself is cute and yet mature, catching me, as a listener, thinking about my feelings and yet still vibin’ with a smile. This would be the single from his EP ‘Before It Starts’ and I am looking for more of these type of tracks from Israel.

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I’ll be here to take your hearts… B4IS…

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SiR feat Kendrick Lamar – Hair Down

Single from SiR, a relatively new TDE member in the last couple years. It is a mellow vibe just like the title hints and Kendrick’s verse with that funny quiet voice sounding so cool still adding some math to the track.

Skeletons in your closet but your past don’t exist.

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