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Enjoy our playlist ‘Waves from the North’ updated (vol. II)

Por Andrey Chardonnaie / 21/04/2018
Enjoy our playlist ‘Waves from the North’ updated (vol. II)

🇪🇸 El siguiente artículo fue escrito originalmente en inglés por nuestro corresponsal canadiense Andrey Chardonnaie, y está disponible en español aquí. Traducción y adaptación por Álvaro Reneses.

🇺🇸 The following post was originally written in English by our Canadian correspondent Andrey Chardonnaie. Spanish version available here. Translation and adaptation by Álvaro Reneses.

Andrey aka @chardonnaie  raised in Toronto and now living in Scotland used to host and produce on student radio. Now, following his passion, he curates this playlist exclusively for The Medizine bringing the latest wavey sounds that keep him ‘warm’ up North.

A$AP Rocky – A$AP Forever

This came out a couple days ago and this is already one of my favourite songs this year, and a lot of credit is due to the amazing video with the flipping ground shots. I mean the fact it pays homage to Moby and samples one of his famous songs is nostalgic for me, bringing it back to my childhood. This song is best of New York traditions with the ASAP spin that makes it that much doper. I cannot ignore to mention the bars.

THEY. – Ain’t the Same

Up and coming duo from LA delivers this smooth but bumping moody track that is perfect for chilling with a nice thing.

Nick Grant – 96 Bulls

Bars on bars. In this drop I feel like I am adding a lot of lyrically heavy songs but this song from Nick is a gem. It is fresh and yet simple and motivating. «Married to the money that’s relationship goals».

Derez Deshon – Hardaway

I recently found out more about Derez and he is a real honest dude from the South. I love how this single Hardaway sounds like a trap hit with London on da Track on the beat, but if you listen to it closely it’s so honest. It’s when he raps about being a shitty drug dealer and basically giving away drugs for nothing and not buying lambo cause he is too fat to fit in, such honest moments in a bumping tune are beautiful.

Cardi B – Get Up 10

A great way to open up a debut album. Straight up bars from Cardi B as she lays it down and actually spits raw and honest lyrics compared to the usual flossing. This song is inspirational and motivational. Go Cardi, keep proving people wrong.